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No more repetitive searches. Create alerts to be notified when the best seats are released. Customize your alerts based on operating airline, cost in points, and more.

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No more waiting. We're constantly checking flights with airlines in the background, which means you see your search results immediately. Search weeks at a time or between countries and regions.


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No more guessing. Click on airport codes in our Explore tool to instantly see every award flight departing or arriving from any airport. Sort by business or first class and find the best options.


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More features

Dynamic pricing

We display dynamically-priced flight awards only when they have reasonable pricing. Learn more

Cabin alerts

Create open-ended alerts for any availability departing or arriving at an airport. Try it out

Multi-city codes

Search between many airports at once with airport codes like LON or EUR. Learn more

Discord community

Join our Discord community to talk about travel, get deal alerts, and more. Join now

Mixed cabins

We automatically hide unreasonable mixed-cabin routings that are only partially in premium cabins.

Booking links

Save time and jump directly into the booking flow for certain mileage programs.

AI Insights

Search results are automatically summarized with OpenAI models to help you pick the best option.

Fresh results

Results update themselves with fresh data from the airline as you view it in Search and Explore.

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