ChatGPT Plugin

If you have a ChatGPT Plus account, you can now install the plugin in the ChatGPT plugin store. Using our plugin, you can easily ask ChatGPT to search for available award flights using natural language. ChatGPT can automatically retrieve availability across all of our programs and across multiple airports and dates at once, then summarize the availability however you'd like.

How to Install

  1. Open ChatGPT and select GPT-4 Plugins as the model.
  2. Click on the Plugin store and search for
  3. Install the plugin and you are all set!

Example prompts

Here are some example prompts you can try:

  • Show me flights from the West Coast to Europe on September 1st
  • Find business class from the US to London in the first week of February
  • Show the best economy class options from New York to Paris in the first week of March
ChatGPT sometimes has hallucinations with plugins and does not know specific flight numbers or flight times. If it claims to know this information, try narrowing down your searches to reduce any false statements.

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