Lufthansa First Class

Recently, Lufthansa seems to have changed their cadence for releasing first class awards to partners. Most awards are now only made available within 3 days of departure, including on the day of departure itself. Additionally, some routes are only made available in one direction at any given time (i.e. MEX/FRA but not FRA/MEX).

This table can help you find first class flights operated by Lufthansa (LH) with direct availability. Lufthansa typically only releases award seats in First Class within 14 days of departure.

Date Last Seen Source Origin Destination Business First
2025-04-01 5 days ago Aeroplan LHR BOM 60,000 pts 90,000 pts
2024-04-16 2 hours ago United FRA ORD 80,000 pts 121,000 pts
2024-04-17 2 hours ago United FRA MEX 88,000 pts 132,000 pts

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