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How does the full year of availability work?

Once you login, you can use Search or Explore to search through up to a year of availability for all routes, compared to the typical two months. Longer routes update more frequently, and our Search tool automatically refreshes any old results for you. You'll need to enable the full year of availability in Explore under the blue filters button.

What else does a PRO account offer?

PRO accounts can create alerts with advanced filters (and with a full year of availability), receive SMS alerts, suggest new routes on the routes page, and access special tools like route-level statistics and the United PN/PZ finder. PRO accounts also help support the site and keep the core functionality free.

PRO users can also get special access in our Discord server, where we post automatic notifications of large seat releases before they're noticed elsewhere.

What is the benefit of the annual plan?

Opting for the annual plan at $99.99 per year allows you to save nearly 16% compared to the monthly plan, which is almost like getting two months for free. Additionally, your upfront commitment helps support our ongoing development, enabling us to enhance and improve the service for your benefit.

How can I get support with my account?

Just email, or click the support icon in the bottom-right corner.


Features Free PRO
Instantly search across 16 mileage programs βœ… (only 60 days) βœ… (full year)
Create unlimited alerts for flight and hotel availability βœ… βœ…
Search and create alerts with advanced filters ❌ βœ…
Receive fast SMS notifications for alerts ❌ βœ…
Request new routes to be tracked ❌ βœ…
Private channel access in our Discord ❌ βœ…
Help defend against Air Canada's lawsuit ❌ βš–οΈ
Help keep our servers running ❌ β›½
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