🧐 Getting Started

Seats.aero is the fastest search engine for award travel. Using Seats.aero, you can instantly explore all of the available award flights across all of the major airline alliances, letting you find the best flights for your points and miles. Since Seats.aero is continually updating award availability in the background, there's no delay at all for viewing search results.

Free users can use our features for flights departing within the next two months. With a Pro account, you can view extended availability up to a year out on all routes. It's also worth noting that we largely only track direct flights, so you may have to build short connections yourself.


The Explore view of Seats.aero allows you to view all of the available award flights from a specific mileage program in one place. You can select the regions you want to depart or arrive from at the top, then sort by departure date or which cabins are available. For further filtering, use the Search bar to filter by dates or airports.

All of the airport codes can also be clicked in Explore to filter for all flights departing or arriving from a specific airport. The button allows you to view specific flight times and provides deeplinks to book the flight on your preferred airline.


While Explore allows you to view all options at once for one mileage program, Search allows you to view all mileage programs at once for a specific date range. Search is a more traditional award-finding tool; you can simply search for flights from SFO to LHR next month across all of the major airline alliances. You can also specify multiple preferred airports as an origin or destination, or use advanced multi-city codes like USA to search across all of the major US airports at once.

Search allows you to search up to 14 days at a time across all programs. Pro users can also filter by specific airlines, number of seats, and more. They can also filter by specific cabins or if it's a direct flight.


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